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The homestead is Highfield, former residence of t he CEO of VDL Co when it was formed in the early days of the colony.
Curr was also the local magistrate. As CEO he presided over about 300,000 acres of land all the way from Stanley to the far NW tip of Tasmania.
His rough lot of employees are reported to have done away with several tribes of the Tasmanian native people, who had a distinct nation quite apart from
Aboriginal people on mainland Australia. The history itself is contested but I tend to a suspicion of Curr and his approach. He appears to have ignored the law
of the colony and the directions of the company board in England to suit his own ends. I understand that Gov Sorell attempted to bring him to account but that
poor communication and lack of transport meant that Curr was largely unaccountable for his lack of regard for Tasmanias original inhabitants.

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