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              Tasmania by Road and Track - E T Emmett. 
Chapter 1
I search for history on the Hobart-Launceston road and find it
in plenty, discover a beachless Brighton, walk through an appleland, 
and tell of a trouble-making pioneer.
Chapter 2
I linger at Lovely Banks, am "let down" by Oatlands' oldest
inhabitant, plan a pageant a century ahead, accuse a road of
being drunk, find Falstaff's brother and meet a lady who fled
a wake.
Chapter 3
I find that the "King's Consort" can cook, hear of the good old
days of the Midlands. learn the genesis of bushranging, and tell
a true fish-yarn.
Chapter 4
I tell of the birth throes of Launceston, examine the feud of
North versus South, blame Launceston for Melbourne, praise
Governor Arthur, and tell why sports champions cannot be bred
in the northern city.
Chapter 5
I discover the worst-paid road contractor in the world, browse
round Longford and Hadspen, go to school at Hagley, "fall in"
badly at Deloraine and receive a present by post.
Chapter 6
I walk to Mole Creek, find a wonderland, train an eagle to hunt
hares, sprint through Paradise, find fault with the person who
named Sheffield, and follow a "ghost" road.
Chapter 7
I tell of Tasmania's Livingstone, walk through a trackless region,
pioneer the climbing of Mount Ida, deposit a lady in Lake
St Clair, get badly bushed and well rescued. 
Chapter 8
I travel over Tasmania's newest road, climb the "Mystery Mountain" 
of the west, tell of the days when Macquarie Harbour was
a prison, see one of the world's richest copper mines and voyage
on Australia's least-visited scenic stream.
Chapter 9
I visit a dying town, mislay my companions, find a country without 
population and a ferryman without passengers, sorrow for
dead Corinna, inspect one of the world's richest tin mines and
find that the pioneer spirit still exists.
Chapter 10
I discuss a nightmare journey, inspect an antique at Latrobe
come to a town that copied Lazarus, and tell the founder of
Launceston what he should have done 
Chapter 11
I visit a lavender farm, see what the floods did; take tea with the
world's oldest clergyman, pass Australia's biggest orchard, and
tell of some old inns 
Chapter 12
I find a heaven that was once a hell, recall some bushrangers
inspect Australia's first railway, and then tell of the most comical
war in history.
Chapter 13
I wander on a beach, loiter at a lovely village, introduce Tasmania's 
Pepys and steal extracts from one of the world's quaintest 
diaries, then walk through appleland.
Chapter 14
I walk with an Irish ghost on Tasmania's first road, inspect Australia's 
oldest inn, explain Hamilton, visit some historic estates
and finish up at Bothwell.
Chapter 15
I walk right round Great Lake tell Tasmania's trout epic, resurrect
the Irish exiles, am taught how to catch snakes, attend a
backblocks' race meet, dance till breakfast time and inspect
Australia's oldest bridge at Richmond.
Chapter 16
I look at Hobart in 1804, toll for the passing of a nation, rest in
a churchyard, visit some inns, find apples stored in a Grecian
temple, dream of a generation's changes, baulk at describing
Hobart's beauty and say "good-bye".

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